Can I get a tax credit for my new heat pump?

For a lot of homeowners, there typically seems to be a long list of house projects that they want to achieve or new ideas they’d like to try. While several may not be required, getting a new heat pump is an example of a job that could be critical to keeping your house comfortable through the colder months in Muskogee.

Selecting a new heat pump is a great investment. You’ll absolutely feel the return-on-investment on your indoor comfort as well as your utility costs, but it could be a bit intimidating at first. The good news is that when you pick a new energy-efficient heat pump, you may be approved for a federal tax credit.

According to ENERGY STAR®, the Non-Business Energy Property Tax Credits were pushed through December 31, 2020. In order to receive the tax credit, you must select a heat pump that has received the ENERGY STAR label. When shopping for heat pumps, watch for types with the ENERGY STAR rating so you can be certain you’re choosing a high-efficiency heat pump.

At Hix Air Conditioning Service, Inc., our experts help you choose a solution that matches your needs and helps you qualify for this tax credit. While ENERGY STAR products designate high efficiency, it’s important to confirm the heat pump you select has the following requirements.

For Split Systems:

  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF): 8.5 or higher
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 12.5 or higher
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER): 15 or higher


For Package Systems:

  • HSPF: 8 or higher
  • EER: 12 or higher
  • SEER: 14 or higher


This tax credit is not going to be the only savings you’ll receive when you get a new high-efficiency heat pump. Many of the most efficient solutions can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility costs during the year. And the family will also have higher confidence in your HVAC system to keep your house at just the right temperature.

When you come across questions about your eligibility for a tax credit, or if there are other local savings you might be eligible for by installing a new high-efficiency heat pump, give our pros at Hix Air Conditioning Service, Inc. a call at 918-682-8238. You can also visit ENERGY STAR or contact your local utility company if you have questions about other eligible home products.

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