Why Now is the Best Time for Air Conditioner Replacement

It’s already November and that means that chilly months are coming up fast. If you are considering switching your air conditioner because it is in constant need of repair, now may be the greatest time to replace your air conditioner. Here’s why you should call Hix Air Conditioning Service, Inc. at Muskogee now:

  • Time is of the essence. When the temperature lowers to below freezing in December and January, you don’t want to be in a scramble to repair your air conditioner when the warmer months come. Do your research and contact a Hix Air Conditioning Service, Inc. expert now before the cold arrives and you’re trapped with a defective unit when the weather heats up.
  • Replacing your system now could save you money in the future. In some cases, frequent repair costs for an air conditioner can accumulate and end up costing you more than just purchasing a new air conditioner. A good benchmark is that if repairs surpass 50 percent of the cost of a new air conditioner, it’s time to purchase a new one. Invest now and decrease your odds of paying more in repairs in the future, especially with the holiday season right around the corner and your wallet gearing up for larger purchases.
  • Save money. We’re almost always running some type of promotion to help you find the most helpful deal in the Muskogee area. Give our team a call at 918-682-8238 and see what specials we’re currently running so you can keep your home cozy and probably save a little money.

Don’t delay until your air conditioner stops working – we have a variety of options and can help you find the ideal fit for your home before it’s too late. Contact Hix Air Conditioning Service, Inc. at 918-682-8238 to set up an appointment.

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